About Our Cadets
Following the emphasis on youth development which has been targeted by the Department of
Defense, the New York Marine Cadets utilizes the spirit, traditions, and model of the
United States Marine Corps to further the development of New York's youth.
The development of body, mind, and spirit are the key elements of this program.
These elements are stimulated through close order drill, precision military formations,
physical fitness, martial arts, and the privilege of wearing a Marine uniform.
Skill areas include instruction in both basic military and high adventure training,
such as; Rappelling; Map, Compass, and Land Navigation; Marksmanship Training; First Aid and
Water Survival.
Instruction is given in both classroom and hands-on environments.
Working closely with private and official
community, city, state, and federal
agencies, the New York Marine Cadets
are able to provide a professional and
safe program for our Cadets to enjoy
and in which they can grow.
Our objective is to develop self-confidence,
discipline, respect for society, cultural
awareness, and fundamental leadership traits.
Furthermore, we strive to teach our Cadets to
take the initiative by leading and educating their
peers about the dangers of gangs, drugs, and
alcohol abuse. Paramount in our Cadet Corps is
the importance of family values, excellence in
school, and community involvement.

N.Y.M.C. achieves its goals through military
discipline, dedication, motivation, responsibility
and accountability. We endeavor to prepare
well-rounded patriots and leaders -- not warriors!
Our motto is Gung-Ho. Gung-Ho is a Chinese saying
which roughly translates into: Working together in spirit.
We have enjoyed the notoriety of being known as and
called the Gung-Ho Marines.
We enjoy the name because we truly believe in family
and team work.
All cadets are imbued with a deep sense of family and
Membership in the New York Marine Cadets is a
membership into the brotherhood of Marines
of past present and future. Once a Marine
Cadet...ALWAYS  a Marine Cadet.

  • Motivated and dedicated.

  • Instills pride and espirit de corps.

  • Instills discipline and attention to
    details and responsibility