The New York Marine Cadets Inc., was founded by Colonel Ollie A. Darden, 2nd Lieutenant Samuel Rivas and Sergeant Major Paul Johnson on March 2, 1977, at
the Fort Schuyler Naval and Marine Reserve Base in the Bronx. This date is the date of incorporation under the laws of New York State and is celebrated as the
Birthday of the Cadet Corps.

In 1982 the New York Marine Cadets relocated to the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx. The armory was the home of the New York National Guard Rainbow
Divisions'  258th Field Artillery Unit and is believed to be the largest armory in the world. It was in this armory where NYMC was able to establish a strong
community based youth program which gained notoriety amongst similar cadet programs.         

In 1983 NYMC expanded with a satellite location at Intermediate School 167 in the West Farms section of the Bronx. This location afforded the program a
spacious office area which served as the Headquarter Battalions base of operations.

The New York Marine Cadets enjoyed a steady momentum of growth through the eighties and found its rolls numbering over two hundred cadets by the end of

The nineties would not be so gracious to NYMC. In 1991 the announcement of the sudden closing of the Armory placed the program in a difficult situation. The
program found itself a victim of its own success. Without the Armory the program scrambled to find a location which was large enough to house its large body of
members. The political and bureaucratic atmosphere hindered all attempts to find such a location. No location was found and the program was forced to curtail
its operations to serve a much smaller and limited number of cadets. Sometime in 1992 the program was handed what essentially turned out to be a death blow.
IS 167 which was viewed as NYMC's fall back position was forced to evict the NYMC due to shortages for classroom space in an overburdened school system.
With no base to conduct neither administration nor operations, NYMC was forced to close its doors to our city youths.

Fifteen years passed since the New YorK Marine Cadets were forced out of the armory and in 2006 several NYMC veterans came together with the
determination of rebuilding the program all of them cherished.  Victor Arroyo, Paul C. Johnson, Addy Quetell and Pete Rivera went back to drawing board,
revamped, developed and improved on the original design. The final product was an impressive and comprehensive program which we believe will lead the
program into the future.