Evander Childs Campus
800 East Gun Hill Rd.
Bronx, NY 10467
10am to 5pm
The New York Marine Cadets, Inc. was incorporated and born on March 2, 1977.
The original members were all former cadets who spearheaded the creation of this new program with great vision and determination that still
reverberates through our program today. In the over forty years since its creation, The NY Marine Cadets have grown into one of the premier
Cadet programs in New York City.  

Our program received its approval by the United States Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service as an educational, tax exempt, non-profit
youth organization on September 2, 1987.

We have marched side by side and have been recognized by the Mayor's office and the Bronx Borough President's Office. Over the past four
decades, the New York Marine Cadets have made an impact on our community and we intend to continue serving the Bronx, the City,  and the State
of New York for many years to come.  

Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this program.
Do you want a successful future for your son or daughter?
With enrollment in N.Y.M.C. comes the highest level of training and success  both in
academics and in a Marine Cadets' personal life. Marine Cadets overcome street influences
and develop into strong citizens. It is a different road, but one filled with pride and
self discovery.
It is something that you can be proud of, seeing your son or daughter develop into a leader and
master of his or her destiny.